Not Enough Ways to Say Thank You!

If you are here reading this then you know who my dog Ralph is.


I’m here because I’m going to attempt to express the depths of my gratitude for all the help I’ve received.

Ralph will be able to have the life saving heart surgery thanks to you!

So, this is dedicated to you: the known and the anonymous; wonderful people who have opened your hearts to help me save my precious boy.

I can write posts, tweets, and emails for a thousand years and still never be done expressing my thanks.

For my fellow animal lovers who have it in their hearts to see the grace and soul of an abandoned street dog; one who ended up traveling the world and making my life better with everyday.

To Diana Gabaldon, who posted my tweet for help and introduced Ralph to the amazing Outlander fandom. You used your enormously influential voice to speak for Ralph and I will never forget it.

Above all I need to thank Terry Dresbach for her enormous heart in championing my #SaveRalph fundraising efforts.

Terry there are not enough ways or languages to express my thanks or to tell you how much relief you’ve brought to a fellow dog mommy. I had the very great pleasure of meeting you for the first time with our fur babies present. I remember discussing how best to keep our doggies safe while traveling. From that moment I knew that you knew what is was to completely lose your heart to a special dog. There is so much love in you and the determination to fight for what you think is right; Ralph and I are blessed that you took us under your strong wing. My gratitude is eternal.

To the Outlander fandom. We are all joined by the beautiful story that Diana has created and that Ron, Maril, Terry, Liz, Matt, Ira, Anne, Sam, Caitriona, Graham and alt. have realised on our screens. Jamie and Claire gave me role models to strive for when I was 16. If you are here because of the fandom I know that your hearts are deep, and you’ve shown me how boundless they are.

My efforts at saying ‘Thank you!’ are by no means finished!

If I ever have the chance to ‘pay it forward’ I am there!

Yours in gratitude!

Kaori and Ralph