UPDATE: In honor of Ralph, I have become a founding member of ‘The Mighty Hearts Project’ a group of families who have benefited from the life-saving surgery of Dr. Masami Uechi of Japan.

Our mission: Inform, educate and aid the families who have dogs with life-threatening Mitral Valve Disease.

You can find us at:

Please join us in the fight to bring more dog families hope in the fight against MVD!

God Bless! x

Disclaimer: I am not a vet or a medical professional. Just a dog mommy with my own experiences. I’m not a substitute for medical consultation and/or an expert opinion. 

MVD or Mitral valve disease affects millions of dogs every year. The mitral valve if damaged or dysfunctional it starts to put strain on the heart and over time causes progressive damage and eventual death.

Young and old it doesn’t seem to discriminate. A cause is very difficult to determine.

Some genetic predisposition factors in. King Charles Spaniels, for example, are disproportionately struck by the condition. (Approximately 36.8% of the KCS population.)

Traditional treatment is just treatment…only palliative and is not curative.

A dog typically will have 6-18 months on average after onset of serious complications involving congestive heart failure.

Facing this grim diagnosis most dog owners are told there is no alternative to be found and to face their beloved companion’s fate.

Well, in many cases this is not true.

Please meet the Japanese team headed by Dr. Masami Uechi.

Ralph with Dr. Uechi and his top notch team!

Dr. Uechi has been performing heart surgery on dogs for over 10 years in Japan. His team specialises in Mitral Valve repair with a technique that involves stitching the valve, which reduces the chances of rejection and post surgical complications.

The surgery has better than 90% success rate and he’s operated on over 650 dogs and counting.

So why is this surgery and Dr. Uechi’s team still relatively unknown outside of Japan?

That I have no answer to.

Lord knows there are plenty of dog families that would do whatever they had to to save their fur babies!

My dog Ralph will be joined by 3 of his American brothers in July.

I live in Paris and had the great fortune to be located near the French cardiac clinic of Dr’s Sabine and Jean Hugues Bozon who, in partnership with Dr. Uechi, provide this miracle surgery to so many dogs in need!

At present, Dr. Uechi and his team are only able to see dogs in Asia and France. Due to VISA delays they have not been able to return to the US. Which is why American families are bringing their dogs to Paris.

If you have questions or need assistance I would dearly love to help as I can.

At present I can provide information about logistical concerns: housing, transport, rules, pet friendly hotels, and general info about Paris, etc.

Good luck and god bless!